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Learning Center

A Cozy Crowd at the March 3rd Workshop

No matter the event size, even if just a handful of attendees, it’s always a success if our guests leave feeling confident to start on their home buying journey.

The home buying workshop, held in Lakewood at the 200 Union building, was all facts and no fluff. Owner and managing broker Nathan Beauchamp hosted the workshop. Nathan made everything easy to understand and shared tips on succeeding in Denver’s hot market. Hand’s down this beats sifting through endless information online and Google searches. Hello, time saver.

Myth Busting

Included in the presentation was a series of facts dispelling the most common homebuying myths; think— You don’t need a 20% downpayment. As well as the naked truth about what it takes to buy in the current hot Denver market.

Workshop Topics

Other topics covered included:

  • The forecasted rise in rents for 2022
  • The truth about down payment assistance programs
  • Loan types to avoid in a hot market
  • What it takes to buy a home – credit, income, and more

Home Buying Stress

When the conversation turned toward the emotional side of home buying, hosts and attendees shared a tremendous amount of common ground. Co-host, Allie Beckmann, is currently going through her first home purchase. For Allie, the nerves are about buying a home in a market with low inventory. Other stressors mentioned included:

Common Home Buying Concerns

  • Not feeling ready for this big step, generally feeling you don’t have things together in life yet.
  • Concerns you don’t have enough saved for a big down payment.
  • Thinking you are priced out of the market.
  • Affordability of a home that meets your needs.

The workshop was refreshingly real. Part informational and part support in a relaxing social setting. After two long years of COVID-19 and news of crisis in other parts of the world, the workshop format is just what is needed as we find new ways of being in community.

Owner and Managing Broker, Nathan Beauchamp (left) presenting the workshop. Denver Realtor, Jeff Murphy (right) shared insights from a buyer’s representative.

Denver realtor Jeff Murphy attended with longtime friend Peter. Partway through the class, Peter declared, “Well, I guess I am buying a friggin house, Jeff!” I think his declaration pretty much sums up this class. It’s everything you need to know and in a fast format. You will leave knowing you have what it takes and the next steps in your mind.

Learn More About First Time Home Buyer Loan

It’s great to see people who are looking out for other people, new homeowners, and first-time home buyers in particular. The workshop is a wonderful way to get some education on what it takes as we find new ways of being in community. Here are some resources that you can check out next to help you on your home-buying journey.