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The Mortgage Architects and Nathan Mortgage are now one family. Expect the lowest market rates and cost-saving loans.

Brokers vs Big Banks

Know Your

Lending Options

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or buying again, it helps to know your options, how they stack up, and how they affect your wallet.

Brokers VS Banks
  • Mortgage Brokers specialize only in mortgages

  • Wide range of rates to choose from as they work with many end-investors

  • Mortgage Brokers access a marketplace to shop your loan to get you the best rate, you only fill out one application.

  • Mortgage Brokers have more offerings and expertise for self-employed or challenging credit/debt pictures.

  • Banks offer a wide range of financial products. 

  • Rates offered are limited, only what’s available at that bank

  • To shop bank rates, you will need to fill out an application at each bank. Typically shopping four to five banks.

  • Banks may deny an application with low credit or high debt

Borrowers save $8k on average with a mortgage broker. Savings include lower upfront costs and lower interest rates over the life of the loan.

Brokers vs. Big Banks

Big Banks

Home Loans


Lower Fees

Better Rates

More Loan Options

Unbiased Advice

Simple, Easy to Understand Loan Proposals

Invests Back Into Your Local Community

Silhouetted of bankers.
What to Know About

The Big Banks

Banks have vast amounts of overhead.

Big banks have vast amounts of overhead that end up funded by your home loan. That overhead is paid by you via increased fees, interest rates, and closing costs. 

Banks have sales quotas.

Big banks have sales quotas to meet; loan officers also make a commission for pushing specific loan products.

Bank loan officers are not invested.

Loan officers at big banks are not building their own business, so they may be less invested in their relationship with you.

Your money leaves your community.

Big banks are often headquartered in other cities or states; your money won’t stay in your community.

Get the

Right Loan

Our End Investors Compete For Your Loan

We look across our 40+ end investor partners, find the ideal loan for your unique circumstance and provide the best loan for you—  not the one that pays the highest commission.

Because our loan offerings are not commission-driven, you get unbiased advice for your financial needs and future assets.

Your Go-To Resource

Nathan Mortgage

Our Mission is to Ensure You Become a Lifelong Client, Confident to Refer Your Family and Friends.

We have a history of becoming a go-to resource for our clients, their friends and family. With your best interest in mind and our expert knowledge of loans, we seek to be your broker of choice for every purchase. After all, your home and real estate purchases are among the most valuable assets you will build.

Exceptional Pricing
Timely Communication
Loan Expertise
Attention to Detail
to Detail
Passion &

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use a smaller lender?

Using an independent mortgage broker doesn’t mean your loan will come from a small lender; many on the wholesale market are the largest lenders. It’s also common for loans, if a standard conventional fixed-rate mortgage, to be bundled and sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac – government entities that guarantee your loan. When your loan is sold, another large lending company that services mortgage loans will be assigned the servicing of your loan and will collect your monthly payment.

How are mortgage brokers able to offer better rates and pricing?

Independent mortgage brokers don’t just represent one lending entity. They instead shop your loan across many wholesale lenders who compete for your mortgage loan. Their access to the wholesale lending market means quality home loans at much better prices. And with less overhead, they pass those savings on to you through reduced closing costs and a lower annual percentage rate.

Does it matter where I go for my home loan?

Where you go for your home loan will affect everything from your experience to the cost (at closing and over the life of the loan). LEARN MORE

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