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The Mortgage Architects and Nathan Mortgage are now one family. Expect the lowest market rates and cost-saving loans.

About Us



At Nathan Mortgage, our mission is to bring you the best options, be an informative guide and always be your strongest advocate.
Our Misson
What to Expect Working With Us

What to Expect

Working With Us

  • Advocate – At the core of our brand is the value to advocate and protect our clients.
  • Consult – We take the time to understand your situation, present you with options, and create custom loan solutions.
  • Simplify – We take complex options, talk you through the process, and make closing on your loan as easy as possible.
  • Informed – We stay abreast of industry changes—from regulatory changes, loan products to rates—so that our clients can stay fully informed and equipped with the right information.
Going Beyond Business

Beyond Business

Community Care

Our Heart and Soul Lies in Community Support
At Nathan Mortgage, we strongly believe in contributing to the communities that we hold close to our heart. Both personally and through Nathan Mortgage, Nathan Beauchamp is an active member and donor to the Guys Who Give Arapahoe chapter. The organization meets quarterly to reach out to local charities and help them with the funds they need to continue their amazing work. One example that Nathan pitched for and won was for There With Care – an organization “committed to supporting families with critically ill children.” For more information, go to


Nathan Mortgage
Nathan Mortgage Is About Helping People

Nathan Beauchamp founded his company to address a particular problem in the lending industry. Mortgage products can be very complex and confusing to home buyers. For many, this will be the most expensive purchase they’ve ever embarked upon, and as such can be an especially stressful time. There are many types of loan products available, and though the offering by most lenders is similar, sorting through the confusing variety of loan packages is where Nathan Mortgage shines. The mission isn’t to sell you a loan but to take time with you to thoroughly educate you about the advantages and disadvantages of each type and to help you find the best possible loan package and lowest interest rate available for your situation.

The professionals at Nathan Mortgage are not paid on commission, but their performance is measured by customer satisfaction. Many mortgage brokers have less than 5 years of experience in the field. But Nathan Mortgage is different, bringing years of experience. With experience comes expertise and knowledge of a wider variety of products and solutions to self-employed customers as well as other individuals who have faced challenges securing a home loan due to their unique circumstances.

Nathan Mortgage has offices in Lakewood, Colorado and Burr Ridge, IL.

Nathan’s Story

Growing up, Nathan witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of mortgage companies failing to disclose their loan terms. His parents, who had sold their home, suddenly became liable to the bank when the new buyer who had assumed the remainder of their loan, defaulted on their payments. The bank threatened foreclosure of their family home. His parents were hardworking, honest people, but like many homebuyers, they were not financial experts and there were aspects of the sale that were left unexplained.

Nathan Mortgage is committed to preventing this from happening to others. “Integrity and honesty are at the core of what we do. We’re here to be your guide through the lending process and provide absolute clarity and transparency so that you can choose the perfect loan for your needs.” – Nathan Beauchamp

Nathan Mortgage has the experience and specialized knowledge to make sure that you understand all the details and options available to you to help you transform your dreams into reality.

Fast Forward
To Today

Today, Nathan and his family are enjoying Colorado living. Nathan is passionate about the area. He takes genuine pride and care in making sure that his clients have a positive buying experience.

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Nathan’s experience dating back to his childhood drive his passion and commitment to his clients. Over the years Nathan has:
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Join many others in choosing Nathan Mortgage to help you and your family on your buying journey.