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HOMEBOT – A Free New Tool for All Clients Past and Present

About HomeBot

As a mortgage lender, we go beyond lending to provide useful resources to our community. We have invested in a new resource for our clients—Homebot! For house hunting, Homebot is like Zillow, only better. For existing homeowners, Homebot will track your home’s value, your equity, home prices in your neighborhood, and other real-time market data to help you understand your investment.

Homebot for House Hunting

For those searching for a new home, it will help you find the perfect home by showing neighborhood data, school data, demographic information, and a whole host of other data to make your home search easier. Homebot can help you zero in on what you are looking for in a very short amount of time. It also will help you identify which neighborhoods have the hottest real estate markets and help you find properties where home values are climbing relative to the market, and even find homes with higher values that have been overlooked.

  • Explore Markets
  • Find the Most Square Footage
  • Find the Cheapest Buys
  • Find Cooler (less buying competition) Neighborhoods
  • Identify Better Deals

Homebot for Homeowners

Customers receive a monthly digest via email to see their up-to-date wealth-building dashboard. Full of smart data points for the largest asset you likely own, your home. Homeowners can access home value data and different scenarios for leveraging their asset including – using equity to buy a second home, refi opportunity and savings, and various ways to use their equity. With precision figures to really empower homeowners on options available to them.

How to Get a HomeBot Account

Hands down, this is house hunting, smarter. All of our customers are provided with a free account for house hunting, tracking their real estate investment, and wealth building. It is an incredible resource!

Looking for more free tools? Check out our mortgage and affordability calculators. You can email your results to have on hand.

About Nathan Mortgage

Nathan Mortgage is an independent mortgage broker serving Colorado home buyers. Nathan Mortgage provides an alternative to traditional banking that is more straightforward and approachable. Loan offerings are not commission-driven and customers enjoy unbiased advice and support. Nathan Mortgage is committed to the local community through sponsorships and loan offerings that are accessible to more borrowers.