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The Mortgage Architects and Nathan Mortgage are now one family. Expect the lowest market rates and cost-saving loans.

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Nathan Mortgage Expands Across the Country

Now licensed and serving Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas


Danielle Foster, Community Manager
Nathan Mortgage
(303) 277-1506

Lakewood, CO: In spite of the pandemic recession and inflationary pressures, Nathan Mortgage undertakes growth and expansion, a surprising move as many mortgage lenders buckle under the economic forces. Nathan Mortgage service areas now include five states— Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas.

The increase in service footprint is driven, in part, by returning customers who are moving to new states or purchasing investment properties elsewhere. The migration seen during the two years of COVID has continued momentum as homebuyers move to areas with more desirable home values, tax laws, or climate. 

As an independent mortgage broker with access to 20+ end investors, Nathan Mortgage has a unique edge in the market. Rising mortgage rates and decreasing buyer sentiment have momentarily left a smaller, more discerning pool of would-be homeowners on the market. These shoppers are keenly aware of the opportunity to snap up a home in this cooler, less competitive landscape. Although still a seller’s market in most cities, the wild west-like fevered pitch is momentarily absent due to the Fed’s tinkering and the resulting held breath the population is experiencing. Nathan Mortgage is exceeding by bringing these homebuyers better deals on home loans due to their access to many end investors. In short, the economic pressures have left smarter shoppers in a market with less competition, and these shoppers are seeking out lower-cost loan options to boost their buying power. The perfect storm to position Nathan Mortgage to shine and expand, thanks to its capability to deliver just that.

Nathan Mortgage, a Lakewood mortgage broker, was founded in 2020 by 20-year industry veteran Nathan Beauchamp. Beauchamp, brought on Nathan Jennison as Managing Broker to oversee operations. Jennison led the opening of the second office in the Spring of 2022 becoming a mortgage broker in the Burr Ridge village of Chicago, Illinois. On the heels of the successes in Colorado and Illinois, the expansion now includes the states of Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.

At its core, Nathan Mortgage is a people’s lender focused on impacting the community through individual and generational wealth building. This expansion will allow more people to get on the property ladder during these formidable economic times with access to better loan options for people and families to get on the property ladder or make a move to these markets.

About Nathan Mortgage:

Nathan Mortgage, an independent mortgage broker, provides an alternative to traditional banking that is more straightforward and approachable. Loan offerings are not commission-driven, and customers enjoy unbiased advice and support. Nathan Mortgage is committed to the local community through sponsorships and loan offerings that are accessible to more borrowers. Nathan Mortgage serves Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Tennesse, and Texas home buyers with offices in Lakewood, Colorado, and Burr Ridge, IL.