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Nathan Mortgage Plants Trees for the Holidays

To celebrate the holiday season, Nathan Mortgage has donated a tree for every client and realtor partner. We have partnered with American Forests™ to plant the trees in a location where they are most needed to restore an ecosystem.

A Year in Reflection

As the weather turned from fall to winter and the buzz of holiday preparations began, we reflected on the past few years. A lot has passed beneath our feet that have kept us on our toes— the trials of staying healthy and well during a novel virus, caring for those who were not, economic changes, and maintaining our sense of community. We braved opening a new office this past summer to accommodate our growing team and vision to be a part of Lakewood and the Denver metro to a greater capacity. We championed and witnessed clients (who we also consider our friends) who sought to create a home for their families. Undoubtedly, homes that are their haven from the stressors of life. But moreover, we reflect on the building of community through our work.

Holiday Vibes

At some point, the holiday mood does take over! The lights go up all around town, we pull our holiday decorations out from the basement, and the radio begins pipping in the holiday music. It can’t be stopped. We thought about the holidays and how we celebrate, from parties to the cards in the mail. This year we wanted to celebrate and mark the season with our clients and realtor partners in a meaningful way.

Colorado, Out of Doors

Colorado is a lifestyle on its own. With all of the beauty surrounding us, life here is just more out of doors than in most of the country. People are moving here en mass and beginning to enjoy the lifestyle too. Instagram reels are filled with photos and videos of flannel-clad folks hiking, lakeside, and carving the snow in skis and snowboards.

Planting A Tree

One thing we all share is a love of the outdoors adorned by the Rocky Mountains blanketed in aspens and evergreens. What a fitting way to celebrate the season than to honor our community’s appreciation for the natural world by planting a tree for each client and realtor partner. It’s the most Colorado way to celebrate.

So this holiday, raise a glass to celebrate the season, knowing that the Nathan Mortgage community has added 600 trees to the nation’s forests this year. Trees that will provide expanded wildlife habitat, clean our air and water, and mitigate climate change.