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The Mortgage Architects and Nathan Mortgage are now one family. Expect the lowest market rates and cost-saving loans.

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Nathan Mortgage Welcomes New Operations Manager, Nathan Jennison.


Nathan Beauchamp: Hi, Nathan Beauchamp, here Owner and Managing Broker of Nathan Mortgage. I want to introduce you to my new operations manager, Nathan Jenison. His name is also Nathan, very convenient considering the name of the company.

Nathan Beauchamp: I think in the future, we are only gonna hire Nathans. So if you know any good Nathans, let us know. But in all seriousness, Nathan and I have been friends for a decade and a half. He’s one of my, my very best friends, one of the most trustworthy people that I’ve ever known. He and I have done some adventuring together, hiked a little bit of the Appalachian trail, some fishing, and camping. So, yeah, we’re, we’re into kind of the same things. He’s becoming a mountain biker. But I wanted to introduce him to you because he’s such a great person, and you’re gonna have the opportunity to interact with him at some point in the future. And so I wanted you to know who he is and what he does and why we brought him on for the company.

Previous Experience

Nathan Beauchamp: What did you do before you came to be Operations Manager at Nathan Mortgage?

Nathan Jennison: For about almost 20 years, I worked at Trader Joe’s. I kind of worked my way up from the beginning and eventually became Captain and ran the store in downtown Chicago.

Nathan Beauchamp: Yeah. Yeah. So that’s the primary driver. Why Nate is here is as we grow, I need somebody who can watch over operations. Manage employees, allow me to give you, my clients, more of my personal time. To be more involved in your loan files and to just be more accessible and available. Nate’s already made a big impact on that. He’s been here a couple of months and the, the office space that we’re sitting in, he did the build-out for it. We are now at 200 Union Suite 100.

Customer Care

Nathan Beauchamp: I guess maybe the last thing that I really want you to know is the reason that I brought Nate on is he has got the same sort of integrity and heart for people that I do. I don’t want to be the sort of small business owner where people get lost in the shuffle. I don’t want to grow to the size where people feel like we’ve forgotten them, and Nate’s gonna help with that in some significant ways.

Nathan Beauchamp: So if you’re talking to him, just know that you’re talking to somebody that has my implicit trust.

Thank You to Customers

Nathan Beauchamp: The last thing I wanna say is just a huge thank you.

Nathan Beauchamp: From January of 2020, when I made the choice to leave New American Funding and go out on my own, it has really been a roller coaster. There’s been a ton of change, a ton of challenge, and a pandemic. And through the midst of all of that, you know, I was able to grow a successful business, and that wouldn’t have happened without each and every one of you guys. Your support and your trust mean so much to me; I’m deeply appreciative for your business.

Nathan Beauchamp: Thanks so much. And we will talk to you again soon. Bye-bye

Nathan Jennison: Thanks, everyone.