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Neighborhood Series: Landmarks in Lakewood, CO

Feature Image: A wooden footbridge over a pond in a park in Lakewood, Colorado.

Lakewood in Colorado is a bustling suburb nestled in between Denver and the base of the Rocky Mountains. For house hunting, this neighborhood is ideal if you want easy access to the heart of Denver but are seeking fewer skyscrapers and more outdoor culture.

Officially incorporated in 1969, though its history goes back to early homesteaders settling the area in the 1850s. During WWII, Lakewood was the home of the Denver Ordnance Plant for the manufacture of munitions. Later converted to the Denver Federal Center; it drew a population increase to 90,000 by 1969. Now, Lakewood boasts a population of about 155,000 citizens. Learn more about the history of the city of Lakewood in Colorado by visiting Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park on Yarrow St.

Lakewood is now a thriving city with an eclectic mix of residential areas, commercial districts, and industrial parks. Today, it is the perfect place for people looking for both urban living and suburban life without sacrificing one for the other.

Let’s dive into the most recognized landmarks in Lakewood, including: The Lakewood Cultural Center, The Belmar Shopping District, which includes shops like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s, and Green Mountain Recreation Area, which offers trails for hiking and biking.

The Lakewood Cultural Center

The Lakewood Cultural Center is a popular landmark in the city of Lakewood. It features a wide variety of arts and cultural programming, including theater, dance, and musical performances. The center also offers classes and workshops for people of all ages, as well as art exhibits. Art exhibits at the center include works from local artists as well as pieces by internationally renowned artists. The center also has facilities for community and private events, including weddings and corporate meetings.

Belmar Shopping District

The Belmar Shopping District is another popular landmark in Lakewood. It’s a vibrant and eclectic shopping district that features numerous independently-owned businesses. Shoppers can find everything from clothing and jewelry to home decor and gourmet foods at the businesses in the district. The district also has a number of restaurants and coffee shops, as well as a movie theater. Events and activities are regularly held in the district, including holiday celebrations, artist markets, and food festivals.

Green Mountain (William Frederick Hayden) Park

Green Mountain Park is a beautiful landmark in the city. It’s a sprawling 2,400-acre open space park that features multi-use trails for hiking, biking trails, and horses. The park is a great place to spend a day outdoors with friends or family. It’s also a popular spot for photography and viewing downtown Denver to the east. Green Mountain (William Frederick Hayden) Park is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Colorado.

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