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Neighborhood Series: Recreation in Lakewood

Looking for a home in a Denver Suburb? Buying a home is an important decision. Where you buy a home will impact your lifestyle and home appreciation. Considering recreation available is key. Recreation in Lakewood, CO is abundant.

In search of a new home, you might find yourself wondering where the best places to live are? Whether you’re looking for a place with excellent schools, good job opportunities, dog parks, or reasonable commute times, it’s important to consider recreation in the mix.

Lakewood, Colorado, is one of the most popular suburbs in Denver. The city of Lakewood has many parks and open spaces. The city offers an abundance of outdoor recreational activities that are sure to please every type of resident or visitor. Let’s explore this multifaceted hub-the city of Lakewood!

Hiking is a popular activity in Lakewood, with trails that are perfect for beginners to experts. There are hikes for all fitness levels, as well as hikes that will take you through prairies, rolling hills, and lakes. You’ll also find plenty of trails that offer stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. However, if hiking isn’t your idea of a perfect time, there are many other outdoor activities to be enjoyed in Lakewood, such as mountain biking and golfing.

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Fishing is one of the most common recreational activities in Lakewood, with several ponds and lakes that can provide hours upon hours of fun for children and adults. Whether you prefer casting from the shore or going out on a boat, you’ll find fishing in Lakewood to be relaxing and affordable. Fishing locations include three reservoirs: Main, Smith, and Kendrick, as well as Bear Creek Lake and Cotton Wood Park Lake.


The city of Lakewood has 110 parks and open spaces that make it easy to find your favorite outdoor activity. With more than 7,200 acres of parkland, you can find a park for every purpose. If you’re looking for a place to hike, bike, fish, boat, or simply relax, Lakewood has the perfect park for you. Nathan Mortgage’s Community Manager, Danielle Foster, calls Bear Creek Lake Park a family favorite. “The park offers something for everyone, with easier bike trails, creeks, and even a swim beach. It’s a perfect afternoon outing that leaves everyone happy”.


Lakewood boasts 240 miles of hiking trails for pedestrians, biking, and horses. You won’t run out of trails with this many options available. Kendrick Reservoir Loop offers a paved loop around a lake dotted with benches for resting or taking in nature. If you’re looking for something more strenuous, try the Summit Loop and North Access Loop at Green Mountain.

Buying a Home – Recreation in Lakewood, CO

Lakewood has it all— a place to run, hike, bike, swim or fish, and of course, golf! When you’re on the hunt for the perfect neighborhood in Denver’s suburbs, consider recreation when deciding on the location. The time you spend out of doors will be just as important as the home life indoors.

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