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The Mortgage Architects and Nathan Mortgage are now one family. Expect the lowest market rates and cost-saving loans.

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New— Cash Offer Loan


Nathan Jennison: Hi, everyone. This is Nathan Jennison with Nathan Mortgage. I am so excited about our new cash buyer program. We are doing this in partnership with Homepoint and Accept, Inc.

Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

Nathan Jennison: If you’re like a lot of our customers and you’ve been out trying to buy a house this last year, then you likely have put in an offer, after offer, after offer on houses. Some of which you may have actually really liked and discovered a lot of competition. You may have even seen a cash buyer walk in the door at the last minute and put in an offer that may have been less than yours. And they won the contract and it’s heartbreaking.

Cash Offer Loan Benefits

Nathan Jennison: Cash offers are 4X times more likely to win the deal than that of traditional financing. On top of that, cash buyers save almost $13,000, on average, over traditional financing. Leveraging the power of cash.

Cash Offer Loan – Easy Steps

Nathan Jennison: Now, you can too. And here’s how. First, you apply with Nathan Mortgage. We get you approved and out the door shopping with your preferred realtor. You can do this as early as this weekend. You go out, you shop, you find a house that you love.

Cash Offer Loan – Close in 10 Days

Nathan Jennison: You put the offer in, and now you can close on that house in as little as 10 days. In 10 days, that means you could be moving into your new house. It’s yours. At that point, we will refinance you out of that short-term cash loan into a conventional loan with our partner Homepoint. They’re one of the best lenders that we’ve worked with; we’ve worked with them for years. They’re absolutely fantastic.

Realtor Resources

Nathan Jennison: If you’re a realtor, you’re going to want to have all of your customers approved with us to really leverage this power. If you don’t have a realtor, that’s totally fine. Apply with us. We will get you approved. We have absolutely fantastic realtors that we work with that we have seen advocate for our clients and do amazing work. We can set you up with them. You can get out shopping this weekend. It is time to level the playing field and Nathan Mortgage is going to help you do that.